Prayer List

The following classmates & families are on our prayer list due to health reasons or a loss in the family. Please send me a message to have someone included or excluded.

Rob Mansfield

Andrea Mundy Weaver

Roy Weaver

Nancy Greiner Simmonds

Sue Bell Peronto

Joe Lancaster 

Judy Adams (Jody Adams Wife)

Jackie Simrell Lodmell

Toni Gengler Maddox

Marcia Nicodemus Alley

Janie Powell (Larry Powell's wife)

RuthAnn Willette Stafford-Couto

Doug Martin

Irv Smoot

David Coker

Dean Sherman

Dick Porte

Shirley Snapp Waller (Pat Snapp Wagner's sister)

Jim Glass

Carie Couie (Kathy Smoot's Daughter)

Valeria Cooper Jorn's Sister Debbie (Heart Catherizattion Oct. 11)