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05/20/15 11:52 AM #44    


Bill Ross

Thanks to Bobby and all the crew that helped with the "Birthday Party". It was great to see some classmates that have not been at the reuinons in a log time. Also happy that so many class of 64 alum attended because Doris missed her reunion last year.

05/20/15 04:56 PM #45    


Mary Ann Kalal (Brooks)

Oh my goodness, I cannot begin to describe the fun we had.  You made my husband feel so welcome and he really enjoyed the party.  Thank you to the committee for all your planning, decorating, and hard work to make this such a special to never be forgotten.  Thank you Bill Lind for bringing the picture of Mr Given's 6th grade class....what a trip down memory lane.  Hard to believe I was seeing classmates I'd not seen in 52 years.  God bless and keep on keeping on.



05/21/15 03:38 PM #46    

Joe Hinder

Nancy and I also want to send our heartfelt thanks to the organizing committee for our "70th" birthday weekend. It was great to see all of our old classmates..looking forward to our next get together.


05/23/15 10:32 AM #47    


JoAnn Anderson (Heet)

had a good time at the party,  even met some of the guys and gals i went to grade school with back in the 50's, and they looked amazing !  thanks to everyone involved in getting this party together, you rock ! hope to be around for the next one, we all need to keep on keeping on !  oh and by the way, i was at the polk theater in 1956 when elvis was on stage ! went with cathy calvert and her sister sandy calvert !  still have the 8x10 black and white glossy autographed by elvis too ! whoooop ! cathy and i were still in grade school when we went to see him at the polk !

06/09/15 02:05 PM #48    


Alfred Foster (Foster)


Sure wish someone could have figured out a way to affix names to the pictures.  I haven't seen any LHS folks since 1963 . .. no idea who I'm looking at in those pictures.  All I can say is that it looks like they're having a good time.

06/09/15 03:17 PM #49    


Carol McConville (Williams)

Thank you to the organizing committee folks for their hard work on the 70th Birthday Party weekend. You are all our special Angels. Thank you for your determination and efforts. You all went over and above. 

Carol McConville Williams



06/09/15 10:24 PM #50    


Chuck Bent

GALLERY --- Photos with Names

Yes, I agree.  Most of us have changed a bit in the last half century so names on photos are always a nice extra.

This is what I've done with regard to photos & names.  Make a Word document of names of people in a photo.  Print the names and position the photo on the sheet with the names and scan the document on one of these newer printer/fax/scanners.  You scan the photo with names as a jpg document and you're ready to import the jpg photo with names into our web site. A little bit of extra work but well worth the effort.

Someone may have an easier method so if you do please share it with us.

Good luck,


06/10/15 03:38 PM #51    


Toni Gengler (Maddox)

Suppose I am the "culpret" on with no names.  The ONLY reason was because by the time I got home with my camera, I had already forgotten some of th names.  So rather, than name the ones I knew, I just left them off of all of the them.  But I really only took them for my own enjoyment and put them on the "gallery" at the last moment.  Sorry gang...

06/13/15 09:44 PM #52    


Carol McConville (Williams)

Never be sorry for doing a good deed. Thanks for all your time and work. 

06/16/15 05:33 PM #53    

Ruth Rowand (Clark)

Great job to the "Birthday" Party Team.  Was a lot of fun catching up with everyone once again.



06/29/15 08:15 AM #54    


Augustine (Augie) Scafidi

In wood shop, besides the nice walnut table, I also made a pair of water skies. In metal shop one of the things I remember making was snake bite leg ons. We made them out of aluminum and used leather straps for hinges and buckles. It protected our legs from rattle  snake bite from our shoes to our knees. The cattle ranchers paid us $5.00 per snake.

11/19/15 11:13 AM #55    


JoAnn Anderson (Heet)

welp here we are !  the old foggies of yesteryear ! 

01/01/16 04:10 PM #56    


Reece Caraker Jr.

I may have told this story before, but I don't remember for sure so here goes.  The LHS Baseball team made a documentary film during the '61-62 school year. It was filmed at Henley Field. Sometime during my year at the Nike-Hercules site I was stationed at from 02/64 thru 02/65 it was shown on the AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio Television Service). My launcher crew was on hot status manning the launcher section where I worked. We had to have a crew on duty 24/7 while on Hot Status. We, the crew I worked with, were probably playing cards and someone mentioned Lakeland Florida on the TV. That got my attention. I got really excited and started telling all the others that's my high school, I know those people in the stand and the players. They weren't very convinced. I've tried to find the film on the internet and even talked with people at the school to no avail. In fact, I haven't spoken with anyone that remembers the film being made. I forgot to mention the missile site I was stationed at was at Thule, Greenland, 750 miles above the Arctic Circle. 

Perhaps I was just dreaming.

01/03/16 12:07 PM #57    

David Kearns

Reece, David Kearns here. Read your blog and remembered that piece very well. As far as the film, you might want to contact Jim Miller. He is still alive and well living on Camphor Drive here in Lakeland. Cheers.

01/03/16 05:11 PM #58    


Mary Ann Dowd (Chaffin)


This is Mary Ann (Dowd) Chaffin, I am married to Phil E Chaffin.  I'm glad to see you are doing well.  Phil said hi.

01/15/16 01:31 PM #59    

Joe Lancaster

Reece and David:

Harter says I make up stories, but on this response I remember very well.  I was a junior and Coach Miller had called a meeting regarding this project.  It happened and was a great opportunity for the Dreadnaught baseball team and our school.  I was competing for the catcher's job with Roy Roberts, we played on the JV Destroyers and since I could not hit a curve ball I was destined for the back-up roll and decided to concentrate on football.  I remember Carter Lord asking Coach Miller why we (LHS baseball) was selected for this project and he came back with a hard look at him and told him it was because our baseball program had a rich tradition and was respected in the state and Western Conference.  I am sure George Haseman, Barry Connor, and company can back my response up.   The team also got new uniforms, equipment, etc.  Reece, you heard correctly and it was great for those guys participating in the baseball program...................Joe L.

02/24/17 03:39 PM #60    


Chuck Bent

LHS Class of 1963 ---

Spring is just around the corner and here in Virginia the daffodils are showing their bright yellow blossoms.  Can Daytona Beach 2017 Bike Week be far off...???  I think not!


If you're going drop a line and perhaps we can get together.  It could be a Class of '63 Get-together 2-wheel style.  I'll be in the Daytona area from 3/7 to 3/19/17.


Let's get together!!!

crbent  cool

02/26/17 07:52 PM #61    

Lana Plum (Tabb)

In Ware Neck, VA (Gloucester - bring your bike & wife for a visit on the Chesapeake!! Lana "Shot" plum-Tabb (Monty Williams sister)

02/27/17 08:36 AM #62    


Chuck Bent

Hi Lana,

We'll have to put a bike ride to the "neck" on my to-do list after our trip south.  The bike is cleaned, polished and all gassed up.  Warm weather here I come!!!

crb  laugh

02/27/17 08:04 PM #63    

Lana Plum (Tabb)

Doors will be open - just give me "heads up" & I'll get my local "hogs" over for dinner!  Lana "Shot" Plum-Tabb  804-693-3893.  Got plenty extra rooms upstairs w/river view!  (and running water)

05/20/18 10:18 AM #64    


Toni Gengler (Maddox)

Hats off to the reunion planning committee!  It was a wonderful evening last night at the Lone Palm. (Fri. night was too).  But last night's program was just super!  Great job, especially for all of our guys who served our country back during the 60's.  We were and still are so proud of all of our veterans!  On the lighter side, my two best moments of the program were Bill's "I don't know all those big words" and Dane's "Huh, I fell asleep".

06/26/18 06:17 PM #65    

Stephen Sauls

The 55th Re-union opening reception was sensational.  So glad I was able to attend.  Just sorry I couldn't stay for the rest of the weekend.  Congratulations to the wonderful work of the organizers, and for the good work setting up and keeping up this forum.  Steve Sauls


12/18/20 01:06 AM #66    


Judith Parker (King)


12/18/20 01:51 PM #67    

Valeria Cooper (Jorn)

Merry Christmas to you and your family and a health 2021.

06/14/21 11:48 AM #68    

Valeria Cooper (Jorn)

The LHS lunches have started back up.  Please watch for your emails for dates, times and where the lunches are being held.  It was soooo good to visit with everyone again after hibernation of covid.  Hope to see any and all of you at one of the upcoming LHS lunches.  Don't forget our 60th reunion will be coming up in 2023.  Can't wait.  When the date is chosen, please mark your calendars and please plan to attend,.

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