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03/23/15 02:13 PM #16    

Dennis Mason

Will we have enough Handi Cap  parking??

03/28/15 07:37 AM #17    


Reece Caraker Jr.

I finally got signed up. Looking forward to seeing everyone. A good time should be had by all!

04/30/15 01:46 PM #18    


Augustine (Augie) Scafidi

How many of you guys hung out at the Dog and Suds?


05/01/15 10:37 AM #19    

Peter Sciortino

That was the BEST place to "Hang out". 

05/01/15 11:41 AM #20    


Chuck Bent

Dog & Suds...???  You bet!  Went there all the time riding my Triumph.  I even have one of their glass mugs that I used as a shaving mug for many years.

I was sitting on the bike one night and wanted to get to the other side so I drove across the canopy island divider rather than drive around to the other side.  The owner saw me and gave me what for but didn't tell me to leave.

I preferred going to the Dog & Suds where our female classmates were sure to be rather than going camping (and drinking...???) with fellow classmates out at Six Pound.

Aahh - the good old days...


05/01/15 01:03 PM #21    


Reece Caraker Jr.

So what's wrong with going camping and drinking a little beer? smiley The group I hung out with always wanted to go fishing, hunting and camping. Some of them were former LHS students that ended up at K H S when the new school opened. My cousin, Eddie Alley was one of those and we had always been into the outdoors.. Depending on where one lived you had the option of staying at LHS for your senior year and graduating with all of your friends. He wanted to play football and figured he had a better chance of making 1st. string at KHS than at LHS. They had the worst season one could imagine. I hadn't really gotten into dating until my senior year when I conked a frenchhorn player in the head with my bass drum mallet at band practice on the football field.wink

05/02/15 07:33 AM #22    


Augustine (Augie) Scafidi

I was there all the time on my Ducati. 

Six Pound too. Reminds me of one night camping there we taped a cherry bomb to a rock and threw it in the water. After the flash, and echoeing boom, you could hear the fish splashing on the surface. smiley

05/03/15 08:01 PM #23    


Michael Durhan

Ah, yes.  The ol' Dog 'N Suds.  And I still remember that sweet looking waitress, Jimmie K. Weatherby, in her tight, tight shorts, bringing me my 10-cent coke.  "Down on Mainstreet........"  (To be precise, SE corner of E. Main and Ingraham Ave.)


05/04/15 04:19 PM #24    


Augustine (Augie) Scafidi

Were you there that night a car lost control and crashed into the used car lot across the street from the D&S?


05/05/15 09:03 AM #25    


Michael Durhan

No, but I was there one night when some tough guys got mad at us.  Their actions suggested they intended to tear us limb from limb.  When we left, they took off after us and chased us all over that area of town.  We finally gave them the slip when we drove through someone's side yard and attempted to hide behind their house.  But, the tough guys drove right in behind us!  We took off again - through a hedge - and into the next yard and out into the street.  The tough guys' car did not have the turning radius of ours.  That gave us time to get away.......

05/05/15 01:27 PM #26    

Valeria Cooper (Jorn)

Wow that is really good memory.

05/07/15 08:20 AM #27    

Joe Lancaster

Durhan sure  is bringing up the memories.  Remember the old Green Parrott across the street where it was so dark the driver's license with a different birth date did not matter.  But,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that was a different time.  Joe L.

05/07/15 11:23 AM #28    


Michael Durhan

Valarie:  Yes, terror will embed memories deeply into one's mind.  I kind of think the tough guys were Donald Branch and Jim Stump, but I am not sure about that.


Joe:  Yes, I do remember the Green Parrot.  It was one of my father's favorite bars - that is, until it became a bar for those of alternative lifestyles.  After that, my father moved to "Gene's Cold Beer" on N. Massachuchetts, or Buddy's Oyster Bar (back when it was still a rough joint undiscovered by the Lakeland elite).  My father liked your father.  "Lank" is what he called him.  We were all at Southside Baptist, as you know......


05/07/15 01:26 PM #29    


Mary Ann Kalal (Brooks)

How come I don't remember Dog and Suds????  

05/07/15 01:37 PM #30    

Valeria Cooper (Jorn)

Yes, I remember Southside Baptist days (with Bob Harter and Jean Marie). Jean Marie's mother comes to our Sunday School Class.  Southside moved out to Clubhouse and Lakeland Highlands Road and we have been members there for around 4-5 years - ever since they moved from downtown.  

05/07/15 05:45 PM #31    


Augustine (Augie) Scafidi

Before I move up North I used to work for Eastside auto parts. Wayne Sherman and I would deliver parts. Then I delivered kerosene to homes and was especially busy when the smudge pots were lit to fight the frost in the orange groves. I can't remeber the name of the oil company but it was near Easide Auto Parts.


Does anybody else remember going to Clearwater Beach after the graduating class party?

05/07/15 05:55 PM #32    


Kathy Hanlin (Hale)

I remember Dog and Suds.  Gene 's Cold Beer and I knew Southside Baptist moved.  After graduation we went to St. Pete Beach. Those were the days!

05/07/15 10:55 PM #33    


Chuck Bent

Class of 1963,

Memories from Lakeland High School...  Sometimes good memories sometimes not.  But let’s focus on one of the all time best memories ever. 

A toilet sitting on a chimney!  If you saw it sitting there when you came to school that morning I’m sure that picture remains vivid in your mind to this day.

My impression?  It was a great prank.  Not destructive, not mean spirited and not any type of personal attack on anyone or anything.  Now whether it was safe or not that’s another question.  But it happened.  And for those that saw it, I for one, got a good chuckle out of it.

But what say you, Class of ’63?  What were your impressions of this great mischievous prank?  Was it good, bad or indifferent…???  Was this great prank overshadowed by our impending graduation?  Please - Share your memories.

And for those behind this dastardly deed --- it’s time to fess up!  We heard a short rendition of the how, when & where at the 50th Reunion Dinner but it’s time for a full confession from all those involved.  Incidentally, the Statute of Limitations has long since expired so give us all the details.  So what say you Joe L. and your compadres???  We’re told confession is good for the soul so now’s your chance…

05/08/15 07:44 AM #34    


Augustine (Augie) Scafidi

I remember the toilet prank! The image is engraind in my mind! It was magnifcant! Didn't anyone take a picture?

What did you make in wood shop? Mine was a solid walnut tier table.

05/08/15 09:43 AM #35    

Joe Lancaster

Well.......................was not involved in the actual toilet bowl prank.  Glass revealed all he would say until the bandidos admitted their part.  It  may still be an open case for the LPD.  I just know that some of the football players were called in and given the riot act since the City had no way of getting the flusher down.  What they really wanted to know was how it got up there and since the barter offer was not acceptable---silence until the 50th Reunion.  At our 55th Reunion maybe we can get that couple from Naples up here and several in Lakeland to reveal------until then _____________.  the old Dreadnaught code of "do not give up the ship"


Mary Ann: we offered you many times on Sunday night to skip Dr. Knight's sermon to go to the Suds but you balked and going to an establisment that served rootBeer!!

05/08/15 01:51 PM #36    


Mary Ann Kalal (Brooks)

Seriously, Joe I don't remember any of this at all....oh I do remember Dr. Charles Knight and being at SB on Sunday night.

05/08/15 07:32 PM #37    


Equilla (Quill) Hicks (Holdridge)

I got  a card from a friend of mine and this is the real truth:  We are not really 70!   We are 18!!  (with 52 years of experience). Have a good time next weekend, I will be thinking about all the fun I will be missing.  I do remember the DS.  

05/08/15 11:50 PM #38    


Judith Parker (King)

I remember the toilet seat.  Also had to spike paper in senior year.. for taking a ride for Murray Matchett.

Horse down the hall out the door in Latin Building only to get caught by Mrs. Lumpkin... OMG, I recieved my pink slip, and chewed it up soft thew it away... that earned me my spike... deep trouble...LOL

Judith Parker..

05/09/15 09:37 PM #39    


Chuck Bent

OK – Contest Time!!!

Who can name all the entertainers, singers &/or bands we saw, heard and danced to at the Civic Center?  Let’s say for the years 1961, 1962 & 1963.

I can name the following:

  • Ray Orbison (two times) - 1963
  • Jerry Lee Lewis – 1963
  • Jay and the Americans – 1963

I know they’re more… can you name all or some of them???


05/10/15 01:18 PM #40    

Corky Dean Jr.

Bobby Vee

Bobby Goldsboro

The Sherells { sp}


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